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All Soul:

All Soul:

Who: The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday January 21, 2005

FIVE-PIECE DANCES TO A NEW FUNKY BEAT BRYAN FERRYSEXUAL, the drummer who puts the funk into MACHINE GUN FELLATIO, has turned his hand to writing, programming and producing over the past couple of years.

He has put together a new five- piece band, THE BRYAN FERRYSEXUAL EXPERIENCE, which delivers a hybrid of soul, funk and dance complete with dancers.

``It's a blend of big-ass infectious grooves, with some old-fashioned if soul thrown into the mix to create a new breed of electrofunk,'' Ferrysexual said.

The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience teams Ferrysexual with veteran 80s metal bass player COCONUT SHAFT, guitarist JC of DARTH VEGAS and MONSIEUR CAMEMBERT fame, dancer and vocalist LADYFRIEND HAMILTON and the powerhouse vocalist KP. The Sydney-based band has risen in a short time playing smaller if venues such as the ANNANDALE HOTEL and the HOPETOUN HOTEL to delivering huge shows at THE METRO and the inaugural SYDNEY FUNK AND SOUL FESTIVAL. After Sydney's FBI RADIO got hold of the band's forthcoming CD and regularly played three of the tracks, The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience independently launched its EP across Sydney in October.It wasn't long before other stations picked up on it and TRIPLE J added it to its playlist. The band is striking out further afield with a national release for its EP scheduled for late January and an east coast tour.

The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience will appear at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday, January 21.

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