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Faeries Do Exist

Faeries Do Exist

Who: The Toothfairies
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday September 3, 1998

THERE'S never been a better time to believe in the TOOTHFAERIES. With its Latin, ska, pop and folk leanings, THE TOOTHFAERIES, performing tomorrow night at the Northern Star, hail from Brisbane and boast a line-up of acoustic guitar, dobro, lap steel, bass, vocals, percussion and drums.

TASTE from the album WHERE? recently snagged high rotation on TRIPLE J. The next single SOMEONE ELSE will be released shortly to coincide with an appearance at LIVID. WHERE? arrived at the TE offices on Monday but already we've changed plans for tomorrow night and wouldn't miss this gig for quids.

Of the 13 tracks on this disc there's not a dud song among them. We've not heard music for many a moon with such an infectious spirit. TE

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