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Goodshirt Likely to Suit New Fans

Goodshirt Likely to Suit New Fans

Who: Goodshirt, Gyroscope, Thinktank
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Wednesday September 3, 2003

A HIGH school heartache was enough to give New Zealand electro-rock act GOODSHIRT inspiration for its latest single Sophie .

The single, which topped the charts in New Zealand in 2002, was penned by the band's keyboardist GARETH THOMAS in high school but was resurrected on Goodshirt's debut album Good .

``It was written a long time ago back in high school about a girl named Sophie when I was too shy to play it to anyone,'' Thomas said.

``I played it to the band and they said, `Let's put this one on the album too'.

'' Thomas said he had since heard that Sophie had listened to the song.

``She knows about it.

Apparently a radio station rang her Grandma and tried to track her down.

``I haven't spoken to her but she probably thinks I'm a stalker after all these years.

'' The single has been released to coincide with the band's latest Australian tour.

They will appear at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL tonight.

Goodshirt will then fly to London for a second UK tour of 2003 to support its debut single Blowing Dirt.

The band will return to the studio in New Zealand to complete its forthcoming album.

``We're actually really looking forward to touring again because we have been in the studio so much.

``We have been doing it all ourselves and that's what we've done right from the beginning because we like to have total control over what we're doing.

'' Thomas said the album would be released in early 2004.

Goodshirt will be supported by PEABODY tomorrow night.

Tickets are on sale from the SOUND WORLD, ABICUS, TICKETEK or at the door.

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