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Hard Work Paying Off

Hard Work Paying Off

Who: Thinktank, Gyroscope, Antiskeptic
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday September 4, 2003

MELBOURNE four-piece THINKTANK has found that being in a band not only takes a lot of work, but also a lot of patience.

The band was founded four years ago by frontman DARREN THOMSPON and it has worked hard on the live circuit to establish itself as an emotionally charged pop-rock outfit.

On August 4, Thinktank finally saw the long awaited release of its debut album Rules for Revolution after anticipating the release for more than six months.

``It feels like it has taken quite a while because we finished a lot of the tracking for it last November,'' Thompson said.

``I had to work on the BLUE LINE MEDIC album and we also had a tour of the UK in March so it has taken us a little while to get everything sorted out.

``In hindsight it probably would have been easier to get it all done at once and walk away from it rather than letting it drag on but we're happy with the final result.

'' Thinktank completed its first tour of the UK in March and looks set to release the album overseas later this year through HOUSEHOLD NAME RECORDS .

``The UK tour was a really good experience because all of the shows were different from the next.

``We would get to a venue where there wouldn't really be a proper PA and we just had to make the best of the situation.

``But it was actually a lot of fun because it was a challenge as a band to make the show work.

'' The band has also supported the likes of MILLENCOLIN, HOT WATER MUSIC and IDLEWILD .

Thinktank will return to Newcastle during its latest tour with GYROSCOPE and ANTISKEPTIC and perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL tomorrow from 8pm.

Entry is $10.

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