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Inspiration Close By

Inspiration Close By

Who: Cindy Frost
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Sunday December 21, 2003

SOLOIST CINDY FROST often finds herself pigeonholed as a folk artist.

But the Melbourne singer-songwriter prefers to consider her style as blues- i used suburban folk.

``I play rootsy- bluesy kind of stuff,'' Frost said.

``Because I'm a girl with a guitar a lot of people automatically think of folk music, but I think in a way it dumps pressure on folk music to be too broad because folk is so widely interpreted.

'' On the road to support her debut EP Barefeet , released in 2002, Frost will return to Newcastle to perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Sunday.

Before embarking on her solo career, Frost was a member of trio ODE TO A GOLDFISH which was unearthed by TRIPLE J in 1995.

Ode to a Goldfish completed numerous tours along the East Coast before calling it quits after five years.

Since then Frost has appeared at events such as the WOODFORD and PORT FAIRY FOLK FESTIVALS .

She began writing and performing her own music in high school and said that her lyrics could be broken down into three simple categories.

``I reckon I have about three categories that I write about.

``One deals with when I get annoyed with myself; one is about my friends and their love lives; and one is about death ,but I try not to linger on that too long because the happy stuff is better!'' Frost said she had begun performing with a new band and hoped to begin recording with them in 2004.

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