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Getting To The Point in an Instant

Getting To The Point in an Instant

Who: The Instant
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday February 4, 2006

AUDIOPHILE is returning to the live scene after a 12-month hiatus.

But the band has undergone one distinct change.

Audiophile is now performing and recording as The Instant, having discovered there were two other overseas bands using the same name.

``Two factors influenced the name change,'' guitarist Tim McPhee said.

``The first factor is that the name is already taken in the US and the UK, plus it was kind of a bit of a case of wanting to start up again and start everything fresh.

``There was a lot of debate about it. A lot of the people that know the band didn't want us to change our name but I think it's a fitting time to do it.'' With a new name comes a more consolidated sound which, while not entirely removed from the band's previous style of guitar-driven instrumentals, is a step in a new direction.

``Our sound has developed quite a bit. The tracks have become a bit more acute and shorter in length. We're kind of getting to the point now.

``Having said that, the last track we wrote is like an eight-minute epic that is the most concentrated and potent track we've ever written.'' A limited run of 10-inch singles has been produced and will be released before a new album comes out in May.

The Instant will launch the single at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night and then in Sydney at the Hopetoun Hotel on Saturday, February 11.

When McPhee, Alex Nevin (guitar), Adam Jesson (bass) and Matt Rossetti (drums) play this weekend it will be the group's first live performance in Newcastle since December, 2004. McPhee said they had been ``chomping at the bit'' to get back on stage.

Despite the fact the band's forthcoming album is yet to be released, McPhee said they already had stacks of new material ready to go for the follow-up.

``Since we've re-joined, everyone is so much more motivated and really keen. There are just a lot more ideas.

``We've got enough tracks for another new record, some of which will feature in the show.'' For the launch show we'll be doing half new material and half from the new record.' Entry to the show costs $8 at the door.

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