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Hill in Acoustic Mode

Hill in Acoustic Mode

Who: Charlton Hill
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday January 9, 2004

IN 2003 it was almost impossible to switch on the radio without hearing CHARLTON HILL.

The Sydney singer-songwriter scored three of the year's biggest hits with 2's Company, Deep and Don't Sail , establishing him as one of the country's latest guitar pop sensations.

The singles were followed by the release of Hill's debut album Waterline , a collection of tracks reminiscent of his contemporaries ALEX LLOYD and JOHN MAYER .

A heavy tour schedule has kept Hill on the road for much of the year, playing along the East Coast.

``It's been pretty intense and constant, but it's been all about enjoying the ride,'' Hill said.

``This is very much around the l estyle I've been looking for.

'' While he is happy with his success, Hill said that the tours had also allowed him to return to his roots and revisit the acoustic sounds that he had originally pursued.

``I think it's a completely d ferent thing to build your music from people seeing you live and coming back in contrast to them hearing it on the radio and buying a single.

The songs have gone through a lot of natural change.

'' ``So I think they've kind of gone full circle, and to play them acoustic feels like the right thing to do.

'' Catch Hill playing solo when he returns to the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night.

Hill said that punters can expect to hear a selection of songs from Waterline as well as new tracks.

``The shows have given me a good chance for me to do a whole bunch of new stuff as well as experiment with the musicality of the existing songs.

``I've got a whole lot of new tracks that are kind of just finding their feet.''

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