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In The Company Of Flying Squirrels

In The Company Of Flying Squirrels

Who: Fred Eaglesmith, Bill Chambers
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Wednesday March 30, 2005

CANADIAN artist Fred Eaglesmith has proved himself to be many things.

Recognised as an accomplished musician in his own right, his work has also been recorded by the likes of The Cowboy Junkies and Kasey Chambers. Eaglesmith also once took time out to establish his own environmentally friendly farm powered by windmills and solar panels.

More recently, Eaglesmith has begun expressing himself on canvas.

``I stated painting about 15 months ago and, so far, it has been really popular,'' Eaglesmith said.

``Somebody commissioned me to do some art for a gallery so I thought I'd try it and once I started, I didn't stop.

``I have painted about 75 paintings. I just paint and paint and paint whenever I get the chance.'' For the time being it looks as though Eaglesmith might have to put his new hobby on the backburner.

He arrived in Australia last week for a national tour, starting with an appearance at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival. It is his fourth trip to Australia but the first time he has brought his band The Flying Squirrels along, having previously toured solo.

Eaglesmith said he was glad the band finally had the chance to join him down under.

``It's a different show.

Sometimes it can rock a little more if we want it to or it gets to be more musical. ``It's not all about me.

There's a band to divert some of the attention.'' Eaglesmith also hoped he would have the chance to catch up with Kasey Chambers during his trip.

The pair formed a friendship after Chambers, who has declared herself as Eaglesmith's number one fan, recorded two of his songs.``I had heard lots of my songs recorded by people before but I just couldn't believe how fabulous she was,'' Eaglesmith said.``We just sat and listened to it again and again and again so I was excited to meet her.'' Eaglesmith will at least have the chance to catch up with Chambers father Bill when he supports the Canadian singer- songwriter at the Northern Star Hotel tonight. Advance tickets cost $20 from Beaumont Street Beat, Soundworld and the venue.

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