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High On Warped Sound

High On Warped Sound

Who: Warped
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday November 13, 2003

WHEN the members of punk trio WARPED began writing their new album Quicker Ways To Blacker Eyes , they aimed high.

So high in fact that the band was forced to enlist another guitarist to keep up with its escalating sound.

``We were a three-piece but we started writing the album as a four-piece,'' bassist BRETT HEREBEROCK said.

``We figured that we needed someone else to do the parts so we got TODD TREVOR to fill the gap.

'' The union resulted in the band's second album Quicker Ways To Blacker Eyes.

Herebereock said the addition of Trevor has allowed the band's sound and songwriting ability to progress to the next level.

``I reckon we are much stronger now with Todd in the band.

He's an excellent guitar player and I just think we're much better,'' Hereberock said.

``When I listen to the new album, I think it is better than the last.

It's still loud and rocking but I think there is a bit more to the songs.

'' They are more thought out.

'' lw-6 Warped was formed by drummer BEN and guitarist CHRIS, and the band has grown to becoming one of Australia's most promising punk acts.

In the past year, Warped has toured Japan and landed support slots alongside THE HELLACOPTERS and a five-date tour with AUDIOSLAVE .

``Playing with Audioslave was pretty funny because its not every day you get to play the HORDERN PAVILION or the BRISBANE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE.

``But I think the highlight for us has been playing with bands we like and finding out that they like our music too.

'' Warped will perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL tomorrow night.

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