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Inspiration Ticks from 70s Flicks

Inspiration Ticks from 70s Flicks

Who: The Modernists
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday January 15, 2000

SYDNEY funk and soul band THE MODERNISTS have taken their record collections, minced them through a blender and reconstituted the parts to come up with a new spin on some old sounds.

This Saturday night at the Northern Star Hotel is where you'll find the group's seven-piece thang which, according to guitarist PATRICK FLYNN, is deeply inspired by the music of 1970s 'blaxploitation' flicks.

The lineup includes bass, drums, guitar, saxophone and keyboards, with a sound that adopts 'alternative sets of cliches from a disparate musical era' which the band combines to form 'a pastiche of pop catch phrases'. A video for their song SAMUEL L JACKSON IS THE MAN will promote the debut album, due out in February.

The video pays homage to Jackson, 'the modern representation of blaxploitation music in the movies', while introducing audiences to The Modernists' schtick.

Lead singer DAVE 'DAREDEVIL' TOMLEY is the consummate showman.

True to the genre he has modelled his delivery after no less than the babe machine himself,MR BARRY WHITE, and sporting an impressive wardrobe of 'seven leather jackets'.

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