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'Aggressive' Blues

'Aggressive' Blues

Who: The Immortal Lee Country Killers, The Vegas Kings
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Tuesday March 23, 2004

LIKE its contemporaries THE BLACK KEYS and THE WHITE STRIPES, Alabama band THE IMMORTAL LEE COUNTRY KILLERS II needs nothing more than a drum kit and guitar to produce its style of punk-influenced blues.

The duo of frontman CHETLEY ``EL CHEETAH'' WEISE and drummer THE TOKIEN ONE is touring Australia on the back of its 2003 album Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble .

The band is working on a new record, refusing to take advantage of today's modern technology and capturing its lo-fi sound on an Ampex analog tape machine circa-1970.

Recorded in kitchens and bedrooms everywhere from Georgia to Alabama, the album is set for release later this year.

The band formed in 2000, rehearsing in a small shack in Auburn, Lee County, Alabama.

You can catch it at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Tuesday night with THE VEGAS KINGS.

The band released the debut album The Essential Fucked Up Blues before founding drummer DOUG ``THE BOSS SHERRARD'' was replaced by Tolkien.

In its brief history, the band has already garnered a reputation as one of the loudest and most aggressive blues-based bands in the industry.

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