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Emerging from Shadows

Emerging from Shadows

Who: Felicity
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Friday April 5, 2002

FOR a singer who started busking on the streets of hometown Tamworth, Felicity hasn't done too badly for herself.

The country music starlet has been performing for most of her adult life, polishing her talents on the streets of Tamworth as a busker before making the move to Sydney to further her career.

She has emerged as one of Australia's most promising newcomers with her latest album New Shadow. The album follows her debut release Nothing To Hide, which boasted the upbeat tracks Sugartown, Amazing, We'll Never Get Along and Country Girl (In An Urban World). On the new album, Felicity has taken a fresh approach that borrows from legendary country artists such as Alan Jackson, George Strait and Willie Nelson. Taking a Western Swing approach to her new album, Felicity said she has found the style that suits her to a tee.

'Things have been going great for me, it's all moving in the right direction,' Felicity said.

'Artists like Willie Nelson and Alan Jackson are all an influence for me.

'It's just nice to find a musical style that suits me.'

Felicity recorded the new album with the help of the Feral Swing Katz, an award-winning Australian swing band.

They had previously jammed together and Felicity admits that she always wanted to work with the band on an album.

'Without the musos, we have nothing, but it's nice that I get to be the icing on the cake.

'Their music is so real and soulful, I've learnt a hell of a lot from them.'

As well as performing on the album, members of the Feral Swing Katz also helped with the production side.

And the album was recorded quickly.

It featured tracks written by Felicity, guest songwriters and re-workings of classics from Patsy Cline and Tex Williams. 'I was looking for old songs, I had a few more but there were some of mine that made it.'

The album's older sound made it quite easy for Felicity to record.

At times, she found herself only needing to record one take.

'The album was one-take moments, it was done like they used to do the Patsy Cline albums.

'We went in with all the pre-production in our heads and as far as recording went, it was a two week block.

'It was a special experience.

'This one was great for me on a personal note, it was the album I have always wanted to make.

'Its a really exciting album.'

Felicity said she hopes to travel to the US in the near future and show audiences there what Australia has to offer.

'I've been to the US and played in Nashville, but we are trying to get over there this year and play in Texas.

'It's nice to see the Americans respect what we are doing in Australia, because we've got such a broad selection, everyone is so different.'

Before travelling the US, Felicity will perform at Belmont 16Ft Sailing Club on April 5 with the Feral Swing Katz.

The show is part of a three-month tour that has covered NSW and Victoria.

'You just can't beat a live gig, I just love it. It's what I live for,' she said.

Entry to the show is free and it will kick off at 9pm in the Lakeview Lounge. UNDER 71 PTs

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