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Hooley Mania Hits Maitland

Hooley Mania Hits Maitland

Who: Hooley Dooley's
Where: Maitland City Bowling Club
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Tuesday August 28, 2001

KIDS of the Hunter are in for a treat when the much-loved Hooley Dooleys perform at Maitland City Bowling Club on August 28.

The Hooley Dooleys are one of the country's best-loved children's groups and provide kids with endless amounts of fun dancing and singing.

Children have also become attached to the Hooley Dooleys' friends Tickle and Russell who often join the boys for a singalong.

The men behind the Hooley Dooleys are David Butts, Antoine Demarest and Bruce Thorburn. Each has become a household name to children under the age of six.

The group's success has seen the release of numerous albums and videos.

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