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Rolling Stones Forty Licks

Rolling Stones Forty Licks

Who: The Rolling Stones
Author: Jade Lazarevic

EMI TO celebrate 40 years as the world's greatest rock'n'roll band, THE ROLLING STONES have put together one hell of a greatest-hits package.

The album is probably one of the world's most anticipated albums as it is the first time The Stones have released a complete retrospective of their career.

Dating from (I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION to recent hits such as LOVE IS STRONG, the album doesn't skip a beat.

Fans will also be pleased to hear that four new tracks are scattered between the album's second disc.

The album follows the band through its well documented career, from their early R'n'B influences to their psychedelic-induced anthems.

Just some of the brilliance on disc one includes GIMME SHELTER, YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, UNDER MY THUMB and JUMPIN' JACK FLASH. Disc two doesn't quite live up to the standard of one, but it still has plenty to offer with BROWN SUGAR, YOU GOT ME ROCKING, IT'S ONLY ROCK'N'ROLL and START ME UP all making an appearance.

It was worth the wait for this legendary collection.

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