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Capital Idea Spurs Budding Solo Star

Who: ryandavid
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday September 12, 2001

THE decision to leave your band and become a solo artist would be a hard one for most artists, but not for ryandavid. Since removing the capital letters from his name and joining the first and last together, ryandavid has become a one-man band.

He has just released his debut album and although he invited muso's to perform with him on stage, he left the recording process up to himself.

'One of my life ambitions has been to record a solo album, playing all the instruments myself, even the drums,' he said.

Now on tour to support the release of his album Volume 2001: Through the Sound Portal, ryandavid will perform at SJ's Hotel tonight with support from a three piece band.

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