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Precision Entertainment

Precision Entertainment

Who: Clockwork Corporation, Audiophile, Glad
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday February 10, 1999

WITH wry observations and a live show that kicks many bands' butts from here back into the 1980s where they belong, rest assured that CLOKWORK CORPORATION is anything but bland.

Playing tonight for THE HOT HOUSE at SJ's Hotel the band believes, wrongly or rightly, that by underestimating your audience you can't go wrong.

Once the group has 'established a rapport' with 'a fun and unchallenging entertainment package, constructed from the most accurate and detailed market information', the fun really begins.

With bland music the band then 'hopes it will be able to rely on an unquestioned consumer loyalty to move the corporation's product units'.

Joining the band and augmenting their original sound with keyboards, will be AUDIOPHILE and GLAD.

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