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Talent Launched

Talent Launched

Who: Cutaway
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday October 7, 1999

ORIGINAL Newcastle rock trio CUTAWAY will launch its debut CD OUT OF ORDER tomorrow night at SJ's Hotel, followed by a gig on Friday at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel.

Cutaway is (from left) bass player CHRIS HORNBY, his brother, guitarist and lead vocalist RYAN HORNBY, and drummer MAT IULIANO. Fans of SILVERCHAIR will enjoy Cutaway's take on big moody rock, spacious arrangements and chunky mega-riffs, with Ryan vocal's ranging from a whisper to a scream.

It's an impressive debut, which sounds great and gives you a fair indication of what the band might sound like live.

But (a minor criticism coming) the group may need to stake out a patch of its own if it wants to avoid the tag of silverchair protege.

Decide for yourself this week where you're guaranteed to find something to flail your head about to!

And if you're under 18, check the guys out at the Broadmeadow PCYC on Saturday, October 23, for its all-ages CD launch.

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