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Melbourne Trio No Shrinking Violets

Melbourne Trio No Shrinking Violets

Who: Pre Shrunk
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday December 13, 2000

ONE of the tastiest Australian debut albums released in 2000 would have to be DIGITAL SUNRISE from Melbourne trio PRE SHRUNK, featuring Newcastle's own DAVE MORRIS. Pre Shrunk quite rightly describes its long player as 'a nicely rounded, seemingly well behaved release. But scratch the surface and you will find things that you least expect.

'From depth and precision in arranging sometimes hundreds of tracks into one cohesive moment, to the simple complexity of a great pop song,' the band says.

Newcastle music fans will have a chance to judge for themselves tonight when Pre Shrunk performs at SJ's Hotel, featuring bass players Morris, and DAVAGE and drummer JUSTIN. 'If you catch (the CD) in a good mood' the band says 'you'll be treated to the grooviest organic and synthesised beats in town, irresistible enough to get your booty shaking.

'Disturb it when it's feeling mischievous and the aggression that only a mean, distorted bass can summon up will test your speakers to their limits.'

Funky DJ FATT DEX will join Pre Shrunk on stage tonight from 9pm. TE

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