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Truth minus Spak Filla

Truth minus Spak Filla

Who: Brutal Truth
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday September 2, 1998

FANS of thrash-metal-grind-core will be literally kicking themselves senseless with wild abandon over the prospect of seeing New York band BRUTAL TRUTH at SJ's Hotel in Beaumont St tonight.

We can't sit through 10 seconds of the first track without feeling like this bloke on the cover of the album is pulverising our heads with his brief case.

But that's okay, because we love the fact that people created it, and it stands as a symbol for the refuge from the commercial rubbish that radio serves up as SPAK FILLA FOR OUR MINDS. TE has a copy of SOUNDS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM to give away. Send an envelope to BRUTAL TRUTH REVIEW, with a review of the show on the back, and if we like it and publish it, you win the CD.

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