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Heavy Rock:

Heavy Rock:

Who: Dreadnaught
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday June 28, 2000

YOU'VE heard them on TRIPLE J'S THREE HOURS OF POWER and you saw them play at Australia's premier annual metal event METAL FOR THE BRAIN. Next Wednesday, June 28, at SJ's Hotel Newcastle will finally have the opportunity to submit itself to the sonic onslaught of extreme heavy metal rock'n'roll of DREADNAUGHT. The band emerged from Tasmania in 1993, producing its first self-financed CD in 1996. The group has since been signed to DARK CARNIVAL and the result is DOWN TO ZERO is an ambitious, multi-layered CD that cuts elements of extreme metal with those of classic heavy metal. The result is dark and brooding, yet melodic and intense. Supports include THE HANGING TREE and SCARCHILD. SUPER CD #2: GOOD news for SUPERSONIC fans. The band will head into FESTIVAL STUDIOS tomorrow to lay down four new tracks for its second CD, part of the prize for winning the national YOUTH WEEK song competition. This Saturday night the local legends will run a busload of supporters to the Bat & Ball Hotel, Surry Hills, to catch their first Sydney pub gig. The bus leaves Marathon Stadium at 5pm. Entry is $20, which includes the cost of entry to the venue. Inquiries 4963-5678. Meanwhile ISON LIVE MUSIC, which exports Australian music radio programs to California, London and Portugal, has reported that Supersonic has been number one on its charts for the past three weeks. Onya fellas.

JARR'D YARDS: NEWIE band JARR'D will perform three farewell shows this week before heading on a month-long northern tour taking in Coffs Harbour, Cairns, Airlie Beach, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Tomorrow the group will perform an all-original set as part of the XPOZAY band competition at SJ's Hotel. Jarr'd will belt out its usual set of covers at The Castle on Friday night and again on Saturday at the Jolly Roger.

THE BREWERY: LIVE music will begin at 9pm on Saturday nights at The Brewery, with REWIND performing two one-hour sets this week before JACUZZI SUIT takes over for the midnight to 3am shift. The new format is aimed to keep punters happier at The Brewery from earlier on Saturday night until much later in the night and early into Sunday mornings.

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