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Tim Goes it Alone

Tim Goes it Alone

Who: The Twin Set
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Sunday March 21, 1999

JUST like the time another 'boss' BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN left his E STREET BAND for a spell to record NEBRASKA, so Australia's own 'BOSS' TIM ROGERS has parted ways with YOU AM I. Rogers' new solo project, THE TWIN SET, playing on Sunday, March 21, at SJ's Hotel, will feature Tim and collaborator JEN ANDERSON, of the fiddle fame from the now defunct WEDDINGS, PARTIES, ANYTHING. An album called WHAT RHYMES WITH CARS & GIRLS will be forthcoming from Tim's label BMG records, but before you ask, the answer is 'no':

YOU AM I have not broken up. In fact the group has its fifth album on the drawing board and 20 songs ready to go.

Tickets should be hot items and go on sale this week from the venue.

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