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Golden Gina Has the Gift

Golden Gina Has the Gift

Who: Gina Jeffreys
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Saturday September 5, 1998

WHEN the golden-voiced GINA JEFFREYS steps back into the limelight at your local club you'd be well advised to catch the show.

Performing this Saturday night at Belmont 16 Footers and Sunday at Club Phoenix, Jeffreys is a class act, delivering songs that shine, to the backing of one of the slickest bands in the country.

Her latest album SOMEBODY'S DAUGHTER features 'dance songs, swing songs, party songs, sads songs', according to Jeffreys. 'Songs that bring a tear - songs that grin.'

Jeffreys has increased record sales over the three years since she arrived at ABC COUNTRY. With outlets for country music so few, Jeffreys relies on performance to sell her message, and this has translated to sales of 70,000 of her second album UP CLOSE and 35,000 copies of her debut THE FLAME. This time around album number three has edged towards equalling the total sales of THE FLAME within six weeks, and with only one single I HAVEN'T GOT A HEART released from it.

Live and in the studio Jeffreys is becoming synonymous with quality, and her latest album with 12 tracks represents good value and rich production loaded with instrumentation.

'We wanted to make this different to the first two records,' Jeffreys says.

'This time I had the luxury of being able to stop touring and just focus on the album, whereas the last two albums I had to keep working and try and sing on the album so it was quite a luxurious way to record.'

This involved waking up in the morning during the three-month process, walking downstairs to her home studio, shared with husband/songwriter ROD McCORMACK, and recording vocal tracks in her pyjamas.

'When you walk into a music shop in Australia, if you want to buy a country record, you can buy mine or TRISHA YEARWOOD, or REBA McINTYRE, you can buy almost anyone else in the world,' Jeffreys said.

'I really felt a need to have the quality of my album sound equivalent to what you can get out of America, because it's such as small world on a record buying level.'

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