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Best to Come at 'A Band a Buck'

Best to Come at 'A Band a Buck'

Who: Cabin Fever
Where: Croation Wickham Sports Club
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday December 17, 1999

THOSE friendly chaps at ROCK THE NATION PRODUCTIONS are giving us a band a buck again this Friday night at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club, Albert St, Wickham.

The Croatian has had some sizzling live shows this year, and this Friday night should be the best yet with MUZZY PEP and CABIN FEVER headlining the humdinger.

Titled ANOTHER BAND, ANOTHER BUCK-SHOW, the gig will be supported by the fabulous BLEAT (formerly ICE.O.MATIC featuring a new guitarist), THE DEADSHITS (featuring an interesting family connection to THE FOOLS) and THE RODGERS. According to RTN publicist PHIL MCNALLY the club 'offers club price drinks, old fashioned hospitality and an aggro-free environment refreshingly rare in Newcastle'.

Cabin Fever's debut album WEED & ROCKS is being snapped up all over NSW through MGM DISTRIBUTION including several stores on the Central Coast.

The release, through Newcastle label BOTTLETOP RECORDS, is a high-energy, frenetic, frayed-at-the-edges flip book of surfing safaris, lost weekends and fleeting youth. Guitarist GEOFF MULLARD is a star performer on the album and on the stage, offering mesmerising lead guitar, and lyrics that render vivid word pictures.

Muzzy Pep recently released a teaser to their forthcoming debut album on their website at www.muzzypep.com, where the song KICKFLIP LOLLY, a piss-take on the rave scene, is available as a free download.

The as-yet-untitled album is due for release on Monday, January 24, 2000 and features 16 tracks which shows the band in familiar snappy pop mode and, for the first time in recordings, ethereal and moody.

Recorded over several months at KEYTONE STUDIOS, the album follows the THIS IS NOT ART ep which was released in May 1999, which featured the critically acclaimed CLICHE ZOO. TE has five CABIN FEVER sticker packs to give away.

To go in the draw mail an envelope, with your name, address and telephone number on the back, to CABIN FEVER GIVEAWAY, PO Box 615, Newcastle, 2300.

Or enter on-line at www.nnp.com.au

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