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Playing it for the Punters

Playing it for the Punters

Who: Mick Freeman
Where: Cessnock Supporters Club
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Saturday January 27, 2001

FOR almost 20 years MICK FREEMAN has entertained audiences at pubs and clubs, observing the changes in drinking patterns, social trends and musical tastes.

But the soloist, playing this weekend at Cessnock Rugby League Supporters Club, reckons the entertainment requirements of punters have remained unchanged.

'It's still pretty much the same,' he said.

'You approach each job as it comes; it's all about what music suits which venue.'

That means a set list could contain 'basically anything from the '60s to the current top 40'.

'As long as a song's got a good beat and a melody people will be able to tap their feet to it,' he said.

'If it appeals to the young people and the older people as well, then you've got all your bases covered.'

Playing 'the sort of things people like to hear' has kept Freeman in work in bands, duos and finally as a soloist, the most lucrative way to perform for a musician.

'I enjoy playing, I always have,' he said.

'Always get people coming up saying I really like what you're doing."' TE

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