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Cessnock Supporters Club

1 Darwin Street
Cessnock 2325
Website: http://users.hunterlink.net.au/~ddmjk/

Articles : Timeline

Articles Featuring Cessnock Supporters Club

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Mick Freeman  Playing it for the Punters 24/1/2001
John Williamson  Williamson Waltzes In 28/2/2001
Chris Ferguson  Irish Tenor Chris is Just Fine: Ask Gran 14/3/2001
John Williamson  True Blue Balladeer Continues to Sing Outback's Praises 21/3/2001
Martin St James  Hypnotist Has Mesmerised 1.5mill People on Stage, TV Martin Spells Out His Magic 23/5/2001
Daryl Cotton  A History Lesson in Australian Rock 7/8/2002
Herman's Hermits  Hermits Still Into Something Good 2/7/2003
Steven Spellmaster  Spellmaster Promises Hypnotic Act 28/1/2004
Steven Spellmaster  Performer Has Hypnotic Act 25/2/2004
Wolverines  Nothing Bad About Howlers With Big Hearts 27/10/2004

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