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Two Up puts the spin on fashion

Two Up puts the spin on fashion

Who: Two Up
Where: Holmsville Hotel
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday March 24, 2000

IF looks could kill then rock'n'roll tribute act TWO UP should require a licence to perform around the Hunter's hotel and club circuit.

Playing Saturday, March 11, at Swansea Workers Club, Two Up perform music from the 1950s through to the 1980s and dress to suit the music.

According to RON WALKOM (pictured left), that could mean anything from a BLUES BROTHERS costume for their Motown set, to gold glitter suits for their rock'n'roll bracket.

'We're fairly flashy with our show,' Walkom says.

'When I formed Two Up with JAMIE (INGLIS) I had some definite ideas about the show.'

As well as focusing on upbeat music and 'hits of the past that had stood the test of time' Walkom wanted to put together a show that looked great.

'I've got a definite belief that the audiences hears with its eyes,' he said.

Full overhead lighting and costume changes are a key part of the show.

With Inglis who has a background in musical theatre, cabaret, theatre and rock'n'roll, Two Up also has the element of pizazz.

'We create a nice, happy, bubbly atmosphere,' Inglis said.

'We're something to look at and have a laugh too.'

Inglis comes from a musical background - his brother Robert runs KINGS COMEDY RESTAURANT, for which Jamie has performed.

As well as acting Inglis performs as a cabaret artist on the Sydney club circuit.

'We're there to have a bit of fun and make the audience feel good,' Inglis said.

'It's all great bubbly music, and with our patter it's a great time.'

The duo will perform later this month at Holmesville Hotel on March 24, at Tarro Hotel on April 7, and Windale Bowling Club on April 16. TE

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