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Dee takes Time to Be Flower

Dee takes Time to Be Flower

Who: Wildflower
Where: Snake Gully Hotel
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Friday September 4, 1998

HE'S better known as the front man of SOLDIER BLUE, the original hard rock band that broke up a year ago.

But over the past year DEAN DEE has been noticeably absent from the original rock music scene.

That's because Dee, playing this Sunday, September 6, at Marks Point Bowling Club, has stepped out of the boots of band manager, promoter and back into the shoes of performer.

'I just felt like I was burning the candle at both ends and wanted to put one of the flames out,' Dee said.

Far from missing the draining task of promoting an original band, Dee has adapted well to the role of guitar soloist, however, he can still be seen in full rock mode in covers band WILD FLOWER. On his own he's enjoying playing 'classic rock' covers such as STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and songs by CREEDANCE, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN and THE EAGLES. There are also ballads by COLD CHISEL and BON JOVI, SANTANA, AMERICA, QUEEN and ERIC CLAPTON 'It's totally opposite of the sweat and spit of SOLDIER BLUE,' Dee said.

'Soldier Blue's now just a conversational topic for punters who used to go out a few years ago.'

WILD FLOWER, playing on Friday night at the Snake Gully Hotel, gets out of the city, to suburbs or further away on the Central Coast, Tamworth and Gunnedah.

The good part, according to Dee, is that he hardly has to lift a finger these days to find work for his band, rather, an agent rings for him for work in Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and in Sydney.

As a soloist Dee admitted he was 'a bit scared' facing an audience with just himself and an acoustic guitar. TE

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