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Dim Lights, Hit Those Heights

Dim Lights, Hit Those Heights

Who: Wuthering Heights
Where: Mission Theatre
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Tuesday October 20, 1998

WHEN you think of WUTHERING HEIGHTS you either think of the KATE BUSH song or the novel written in 1846 by EMILY BRONTE. Though you won't hear the Kate Bush song in this production, you will hear a powerful score with enough songs for two or three contemporary hits.

Like the novel, WUTHERING HEIGHTS - THE MUSICAL tells the story of the lives of Cathy, her brother Hindley and poor gypsy boy Heathcliffe brought in off the streets by their kindly father, Mr Earshaw.

Much to Hindley's disdain, Cathy and Heathcliffe develop a strong bond. But when Mr Earshaw dies, leaving Hindley in charge, Hindley decides to make Heathcliffe's life hell, reducing his station to that of a stable hand.

However, Cathy and Heathcliffe continue to steal away to rendezvous on the moors where they dream of being together forever.

Cathy is taken in for a short time by the neighbouring wealthy Linton family, which results in her acquiring airs and graces, distancing her from Heathcliffe.

When Edgar Linton proposes to Cathy, Heathcliffe overhears Cathy weighing up her options, which drives him away for four years to America, where he makes a fortune and plots his revenge.

The revenge, upon his return, is devastating.

The NEWCASTLE THEATRE COMPANY production of WUTHERING HEIGHTS - THE MUSICAL is a world premiere, with only the music performed previously on BBC RADIO. The songs of composer BERNARD TAYLOR provide insights into Cathy's feelings for Heathcliffe (THEY SAY HE'S A GYPSY) and their shared memories of growing up (DO YOU REMEMBER). It is not often Novocastrians have the chance to witness a world premiere of such a production as WUTHERING HEIGHTS - THE MUSICAL.

The NEWCASTLE THEATRE COMPANY has proved again that it has the expertise and depth to perform admirably.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS plays at the Mission Theatre, King St, Newcastle, Tuesday to Saturday from 8pm, until October 24; Saturday matinees at 2pm. Ph: 4929-7700. TE

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