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Cultured Family Ties

Cultured Family Ties

What: East is East
Author: Anthony Scully

ANYONE who has ever felt trapped by their family's expectations, or has experienced the generation gap, will love and laugh along with EAST IS EAST (M).

Set in Salford, Lancashire, in the 1970s, the comic drama revolves around Pakistani immigrant George Khan (OM PURI), his English wife Ella (LINDA BASSETT), and their seven children.

George, who owns a local fish and chip shop, follows strict Moslem ways and expects his family to do the same. These rituals include arranged marriages.

East Is East begins when George's eldest son Nazir (IAN ASPINALL) leaves his pre-ordained bride-to-be at the alter, and George cuts him off for life.

Behind George's back his children, who are more English than Pakistani, are flouting the conventions of Islam, going to discos, eating pork and pashing dishy pommy sheilas.

A crisis develops that has a profound impact on every member of the Khan family.

The characters in East Is East are well cast, particularly Puri and Bassett, whose 30-year love affair, despite the cultural differences, remains firm.

The 1970s music and costumes are a scream. TE

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