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Interest In Unpaid Debt

Interest In Unpaid Debt

Who: Unpaid Debt, Rubix Cuba, The Optionals
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday June 11, 2004

WHEN UNPAID DEBT entered TRIPLE J 's UNEARTHED competition, the Sydney-based punk quartet did not give it a second thought.

With more than 2000 entrants from across NSW, the chances of winning the coveted title were slim.

``We sent in an entry and really didn't think about it, just posted it off, and then a few weeks later we got a phone call saying we were one of two winners,'' drummer DAMIEN ELLIOT said.

``We didn't expect it at all and didn't think about it too much, so it was a pleasant surprise.'' Unpaid Debt picked up recording time at ABC STUDIOS and played a showcase gig with fellow Unearthed winners DOWN UNDER BEATS CREW in Sydney at THE METRO along with THE CAT EMPIRE. The band also secured a support slot alongside US punk act MAD CADDIES on its recent Australian tour, marking a dream come true for long-time fans Unpaid Debt.

Elliot said the win proved to him that with focus and effort a band could achieve its goals.

``It has all come together at the right time. We're playing plenty of shows and it's been a good ride,'' Elliot said.

``It's tough for any band starting out but a bit of advice for any young band is to stick with it.

"If you work hard enough, and try to write good songs, people might start to take notice.'' Unpaid Debt formed in Sydney around five years ago and started out playing a mix of punk and skacore.

Elliot said the band evolved over the years and although it had become strictly classified as a punk outfit, he prefered to avoid labels.

``Some people might not see us as a punk band but style-wise, if you wanted to pigeon hole us, punk rock is the easiest way.

``But we just like to think that we're a band that writes good songs.'' Unpaid Debt has three independent EPs under its belt and has been writing lots of new material over the past 12 months.

He said the band hoped to release a new EP soon, followed by an album.

Unpaid Debt play at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night with RUBIX CUBA and THE OPTIONALS.

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