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Machine Men Say No To War

Machine Men Say No To War

Who: Suicide Machines, Bagstar
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday October 8, 2005

THEY have been together as a band for 14 years, survived five Warped tours and countless line-up changes.

Detroit's Suicide Machines have also lived through the rise, fall, and return of punk- pop, always remaining well known for their strong political views.

While young acts like Simple Plan have found success and conquered the charts in a big way, guitarist Dan Lukacinsky is surprised that most punk bands aren't expressing more radical views these days.

``Punk rock has been too safe for a long time,'' Lukacinsky said.

``Great bands like Anti-Flag have been banging away forever but it's like people just didn't wanna hear it.

``People who work normal jobs look at music as an outlet to have a good time. They think really hard at their jobs, they don't wanna do that with music. And that's the whole problem in the US right now: ignorance and complacency.'' Now as the band unleashes its sixth album War Profiteering Is Killing Us All, their music and mission are stronger and clearer than ever. ``I know it's a total clich for a band to say, `This is the best material we've ever done,' so I would never say that,'' Lukacinsky said.``But what I can say is this is the best record we've made in quite a few years.''Since core bandmates Lukacinsky and Jason Navarro formed Suicide Machines in 1991, the group has released five powerful records with Destruction By Definition, Battle Hymns, The Suicide Machines, Steal This Record and A Match And Some Gasoline. With 2003's A Match and Some Gasoline, The Suicide Machines found a new label home with SideOneDummy Records as well as a new production situation by working with Bill Stevenson, of Black Flag fame, at his Blasting Room. It is a relationship that continues on War Profiteering Is Killing Us All. Suicide Machines begin a five-date Australian tour in Melbourne this week.

They are heading our way to perform at the Cambridge Hotel on Saturday night with support from Bagstar. Tickets to the gig will be available at the door.

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