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Who: Grandville, Wiakiki
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday July 18, 2003

MAKING a name for yourself in the music world is tough enough.

It's even tougher when you try to form a band in a remote country town.

Such was the case for Melbourne rock band  GRANDVILLE , which formed in the small Victorian town of Benella.

``We really just formed to have a bit of fun,'' guitarist DAN HENNESSEY said.

``But the towns we grew up in were pretty small, so there wasn't really anywhere to play.

'' With no real potential to perform before a crowd, Hennessey and drummer Bradd Bandford headed for the big smoke and made the move to Melbourne.

It was there that the pair met guitarist BEN STOLTZ and frontman  GUS LEUNIG  who made up the other half of Grandville.

``Once we went to Melbourne, we realised that you can play any night of the week and that was a nice surprise.

'' The band has since made a name for itself in the local circuit and has wrapped up its debut album.

``We have recorded the album and it's ready to go.

``It's a bit frustrating to have to wait to get it out there but we're just taking it as it comes and concentrating on touring.

'' Following a tour with  THE SUPERJESUS in May, the band has landed a support slot alongside Bondi pop-rockers  WAIKIKI , including a show at the  CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

Grandville's debut single ifWalking In Circles is out now.

The band's debut album ifFeeling Anything Yet is set for release early 2004.

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