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Surviving The Big Collision

Surviving The Big Collision

Who: Fur Patrol, Magic Dirt, The Healing Art
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday July 1, 2004

EXCITEMENT got the better of FUR PATROL singer JULIA DEAN when she and her band headed to ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS. Set to add the finishing touches to the band's long- awaited second album Collider , Dean became lost as she tried to find her way to the legendary London studio.

``You're talking to the girl who was right outside the studio, walked across the pedestrian crossing and had to ask somebody where Abbey Road Studios were,'' Dean said.

``She just looked at me and pointed. I felt like a bit of a dick.'' Dean found her way into the studio with the rest of the band comprising guitarist STEVE WELLS, bassist ANDREW BAIN and drummer SIMON BRAXTON and mastered the album with CHRIS BLAIR. Blair has worked at Abbey Road Studios since 1969 and mastered tapes for the likes of RADIOHEAD, PINK FLOYD and, of course, THE BEATLES. ``Everything looks incredible,'' Dean said of the studio.

``They've got heaps of old equipment lining the hallways, like they're afraid to throw anything away. You're walking past all these ancient knobs and dials and tape machines.

``We were only there half a day, mastering the album on this funky old machine. It was insane.'' Fur Patrol released its debut album Pet in 2000 but was forced to wait before it could release the follow-up Collider in April 2004.

``The album was written at a time when there was a lot of frustration,'' Dean said.

``I guess the songs reflect a sense of trying to take control of a situation, which was the culmination of spending at least 18 months trying to get out of an old recording contract in New Zealand.

``By the time we came to recording it was like letting water out of a dam.

``We'd been sitting there frustrated for ages, and when we got given the go we were on this collision course with whatever was gonna lie in our path.'' Fur Patrol will support MAGIC DIRT at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Thursday, July 1 with THE HEALING ART. Tickets are on sale from BEAUMONT ST BEAT, SOUNDWORLD, ROCK SHOP and the Cambridge.

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