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No Idea, Post-Recovery

No Idea, Post-Recovery

Who: No Idea
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday November 25, 1998

FUN punk angst, with torn leather, spikey hair and a Ska-beat, is the best way to describe Melbourne-via-Ballarat band NO IDEA heading our way this month.

Playing on Wednesday, November 25, at the Cambridge Hotel, No Idea scammed the NO FUN AT ALL (Sweden) and BOUNCING SOLES (United States) after releasing their 10-track debut WEIRDO CD.

Weirdo features tracks called PUNK GIRL, GIG THAT SUCKED, HATE YOUR GUTS and that's just the songs with names that are fit to print.

The CD was released on CARE FACTOR/ZERO RECORDZ, the label responsible for releases by bands AREA 7, CRETTIN'S PUDDLE and the compilation PUNK O'CLOCK. No Idea has been on ABC television's RECOVERY.

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