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Sarah Is Comfortable In Her Own Saddle

Sarah Is Comfortable In Her Own Saddle

Who: Sarah McLeod
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday November 3, 2005

SARAH McLeod is a rare breed. As one of Australia's few female rock singers she reckons it's about time some others gave it a go.

``My advice is to just have a crack and keep chipping away,'' McLeod said.

``I really hope that some young girls get up and have a go because it's easy. It's just a matter of doing it enough.

``If they're interested in it they should give it a go 'cause it's a f---ing cool job. I love what I do. I'm really lucky.'' McLeod has entered the second stage of her career.

Her band The Superjesus has been put on the back burner as she undertakes a solo career with her debut album Beauty Was a Tiger. It is the album McLeod has always wanted to make with a no-fuss approach to recording.

``It is a lot different. I look at things in a different way now. It's hard to really put my finger on it but I feel like a different person.

``Over the years you really start to get comfortable in your saddle and I think I'm at that point now.

``I think I've really found my sweet spot as a singer.'' She began writing songs for the album last year with Electric Six's Chris Peters and the pair became ``songwriting machines''.

The Central Coast- based muso then hired a guest house at Cessnock and set up a recording studio with Peters and producer Matt Lovell. It took two months and McLeod admits she hardly had a decent sleep.

``We were working ridiculously long hours. We'd only sleep for four or five hours and then get back into work again.

``We just enjoyed every second of it so we never wanted to go to bed.'' McLeod will perform with her band at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night.

``I was sort of afraid to go solo for a while 'cause I thought it was geeky to be a solo dude.

``I really like the comfort of being in a band but now I can be solo but still be in a band, so it's cool.''

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