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Chalice and Dungeon Live

Chalice and Dungeon Live

Who: Chalice, Dungeon
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday April 18, 2002

METALHEADS are surely salivating at the prospect of Chalice and Dungeon at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night.

Chalice has been extensively aired on Triple J's Three Hours of Power weekly heavy metal show, as have their supports, Dungeon.

This show will be the first chance for Newcastle fans to get a live taste of An Illusion To The Temporary Real, Chalice's follow-up to its debut release Chronicles of Dysphoria.

Chalice formed in 1997, when vocalist, keyboard player and composer Shiralee and drummer and lyricist Adrian combined to create original, dark and emotional music.

Fronted by the distinct voice of Shiralee, which alternates between soaring classical and powerful styles, Chalice features interweaving guitar harmonies.

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