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Warning: Day Jobs Can Be Fatal

Warning: Day Jobs Can Be Fatal

Who: Grand Fatal
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday December 16, 2005

JUGGLING a budding career as a band with their day jobs is an art the guys from Grand Fatal have learned to perfect.

Weekends are spent playing gigs while the weekdays take them back to reality.

``We all frantically go to work for a day, apologise to our bosses and then get out there on the road again,'' drummer Ross Jarrett said.

``It's pretty bizarre sometimes, especially when you play big shows and then you go back to your job and suddenly you're working for $13 an hour again.

``We're hoping we can give up our day jobs. That's the dream.'' Grand Fatal has squeezed in a final run of shows before the end of the year and will play the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night.

Since forming 18 months ago, Grand Fatal has racked up an impressive 150 shows and released the debut album Allies .

``We're trying to go out with our own sound as opposed to hooking on to whatever is fashionable,'' Ross said.

``We just write the songs we want to write.

I think the album is a reflection of that.'' A new face in Grand Fatal is bassist Ben Ely, of the band Regurgitator, who joined in September. ``He was a friend of a friend. Ben heard the record and loved it.``Turned out we were looking for a bass player so it was just one of those strokes of fate. It all came together and we hit it off''

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