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It Is Skanky, Party Rock For Cavaleri

It Is Skanky, Party Rock For Cavaleri

Who: The Dirty Skanks
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday March 5, 2004

MANY would remember NATHAN CAVALERI as the fresh-faced seven-year- old who won Australia's hearts with skilful guitar playing.

Cavaleri, now 21, is the frontman of rock trio THE DIRTY SKANKS, sharing the stage with former SCREAMING JETS drummer COL HATCHMAN and bass player CHRISTIAN ATTARD. He said breaking away from life as a soloist had not only given him the chance to work alongside others, but had also meant more fun.

``Doing it solo I was a bit stale I want to experience all the stuff I did by myself, and more, with a couple of mates.

``There's so much more mischief you can get into,'' Cavaleri said.

``I've always hated using session players.

``I want to create a live show with a couple of mates.'' As a child prodigy Cavaleri focused his style on blues and performed alongside the likes of the ALLMAN BROTHERS and BB thKING when he toured the US.

Cavaleri said rock was the primary focus for The Dirty Skanks.

``I wanted to rock rock's my thing now but I didn't want to go dark, morbid rock.

``Most bands that I hear out there have got some sort of darkness or morbidness and I don't want that at all not at all.

``I could compare it to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MR BUNGLE, SOUNDGARDEN and FAITH NO MORE but it all boils down to skanky party rock.'' The Dirty Skanks will play at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

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