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Laid Back or Contemporary: It Rocks

Laid Back or Contemporary: It Rocks

Who: The Givegods
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday September 17, 2003

MANY people would not bat an eyelid they heard the names TOM MORGAN and ANDY CALVERT.

But those familiar with Sydney's indie band scene would know that the pair have been involved in a variety of great acts over the years.

Calvert is a former member of WHOPPING BIG NAUGHTY and a member of pop-rock outfit SNEEZE .

Morgan began his career in SMUDGE before he teamed with EVAN DANDO and joined THE LEMONHEADS.

With plenty of experience behind them and some talented friends in tow, the pair formed the GIVEGOODS.

The band was formed 18 months ago by Morgan and Calvert, who joined up with Dando and SOMETHING FOR KATE 's PAUL DEMPSEY to record the debut album I Want To Kill a Richman.

The album was recorded over two weeks and produced by Dempsey with some additional vocals by WAIKIKI 's JUANITA STEIN.

``We got together because Andy and I have been friends for a while and we liked each other's music,'' Morgan said.

``We recorded the album with Evan and Paul, but we have a new bass player called TOM VAN HEESCH and drummer called JOHN FENTON who play live with us.

'' Morgan said the band plays laid-back rock, although Calvert likes to describe it as ``21st century corporate rock''.

The GiveGoods made their live debut in February and have supported MAGIC DIRT and toured with Dando on his latest Australian tour.

Dando had planned to join the GiveGoods at one stage, but decided against it at the last minute.

``We were going to get Evan on stage with us but we thought it would ruin it the headline act came on and played with the support band.

'' The GiveGoods will debut in Newcastle at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL tonight.

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