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Psi Kore Thrashing to Melodic Beat

Psi Kore Thrashing to Melodic Beat

Who: Psi.Kore, Frankenbok
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday June 20, 2002

ALTHOUGH Psi Kore admits that its new material is a lot more melodic, don't be put off.

The band concedes that its roots are still in heavy metal and its sound is as hard as ever.

Psi Kore has shared the stage with major acts such as Megadeath and Cradle of Filth since forming in 1998.

With the addition of new guitarist Aaron Bilbija, Psi Kore has been introduced to new styles that will be apparent on their forthcoming debut album.

'I've added a lot more melody to the band and there's a bit more orchestration between the instruments and a bit more interplay,' Bilbija said.

'It's still heavy metal with an aggressive sound but a bit more musical.'

Bilbija, who is a former member of the defunct Deadspawn and joined Psi Kore in January, was lucky enough to join the band just as it had begun writing for the new album.

Bilbija said Psi Kore plans to begin recording the album in July and hopes the album will be released by November.

The Sydney-based band will trial its new sounds on fans around the country during a month of touring.

The tour includes a show at The Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night with fellow metal rockers Frankenbok.

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