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Sex Sells For Rocket Science

Sex Sells For Rocket Science

Who: Rocket Science, Neon
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday November 13, 2004

THINGS were looking pretty grim for Melbourne band ROCKET SCIENCE when frontman ROMAN TUCKER lapsed into a coma in April.

With a new album in the works and intentions to promote the single Sex Call with a national tour, the band's plans were in limbo until Tucker emerged from the coma and had time to rest and recover.

His condition was so bad that he did not even recognise his new music.

``I was in the hospital with my mum and this music was playing and I said, `Who's this then? This is really good'. And she said, `This is you. You just recorded this album','' Tucker said.

``Thankfully I liked it because at that point I thought I was Pavarotti.'' Less than a year after the incident, Tucker is back on the road and touring with the rest of the band to promote the new album Eternal Holiday .

Rocket Science launched headfirst into touring with a run of shows supporting SUPERGRASS in September.

It was a chance for Rocket Science to reunite with the UK act which was instrumental in the band's successful UK campaign last year.

Frontman GAZ COOMBES sung the praises of Rocket Science, describing them as the ``best bloody band'' he had heard ``in ages''.

Rocket Science is in the middle of a national tour and will perform at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Saturday night.

Rocket Science will be supported by NEON.

Tickets to the show will be available at the door for $16.

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