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Mavis's Making a Mark

Mavis's Making a Mark

Who: The Mavis's
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday August 19, 1998

FIRST CRY was the most played song on commercial radio in June - now THE MAVIS'S, playing at the Cambridge Hotel on August 19, are enjoying airplay with LEVER from their PINK PILLS CD.

Guitarist NICK GILL said the band's alternative look and sound didn't seem to be deterring the group from selling commercial quantities of the album.

'We're going for any audience I think, not strictly anyone that listens to public radio or commercial radio, but anyone who discovers something about our music they like are welcome to listen to it,' he said.

Gill said the group thought more in terms of a whole album during the writing and recording process, but had a fair idea of which songs would best promote the group.

'We don't sort of think about it in terms of, We've got to have a hit single".

'You've got to think about the songs on the album that are going to help promote the album the best and get across to a wider audience, so you're not preaching to the converted.'

Gill, who names KISS, MONSTER MAGNET and JANE'S ADDICTION as his main influences, says the group's diverse sound ranges from 'heavy guitar-driven stuff to melodic poppier stuff'.

'No-one in the band has ever said no to anything, we're all willing to explore lots of different styles,' he said.

TE has five copies of LEVER and two double passes to the show to give away.

Send an envelope, with your name, address and telephone number, to MAVIS'S GIVEAWAY, PO Box 200, Newcastle, 2300. Or click your entry through at the TE backstage section

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