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Can-do Tim Says Roger To Being Busy

Can-do Tim Says Roger To Being Busy

Who: Tim Rogers, The Temperance Union
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday October 21, 2005

NO one could ever accuse Tim Rogers of being lazy.

Come December and Rogers would have completed a solo jaunt of Europe, hit the road with his side project the Temperance Union and reunited with his band You Am I for string of shows.

And this is all in the space of about three months.

``I like being busy and I just like playing. I can't really do much else so it's good to be able to do different styles of things,'' Rogers said.

``This is what I'm supposed to be doing so I'm glad to be able to do it.'' Rogers will be in Newcastle this weekend with the Temperance Union who are touring on the back of their second release, a double album titled Dirty Ron and Ghost Songs. It came together earlier this year when Rogers embarked on a songwriting ``binge'' and ended up with a towering pile of songs.

Not long after, he called bandmates Pete Lawler, Shane O'Mara and Ian Kitney into the studio to lay the tracks down.

``I just started getting all these songs and had an idea for the record,'' Rogers said.

``We just went `Bam!' and it was out and that's the way it should happen.

Not a lot of deliberation, just make sure you've got on a good pair of pants and turn up at the right time.'' Despite going into the studio armed with a hefty range of songs, Rogers never intended to make a double album.

It wasn't until O'Mara suggested it to Rogers that he decided to take it on.

Ghost Songs is a more subdued acoustic album while Dirty Ron covers the guitar-driven rock'n'roll that Rogers has become renowned for.

One of the tracks My Brother's Room took Rogers back to his days as a teen growing up listening to his brother's records.

``My brother had magnificent taste in music and stylistically he'd change from hardcore punk to Brazillian folk so I just learnt pretty much everything that I know about music from him.

``So this song is my way of saying, `Hey, sorry for stealing it all'.

``He lives in England now but he sent me a message saying, `Hey, look, if you write songs as good as that, you can steal my records any time' which is lovely.'' Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union play the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night. Tickets are on sale at the venue or online at www.bigtix.com.au

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