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Luckily For Fans, The  Beat Goes On And On

Luckily For Fans, The Beat Goes On And On

Who: LTJ Bukem
What: Nutshell Breaks
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Wednesday March 15, 2006

HOSE who are superstitious regard 13 as an unlucky number.

But not LTJ Bukem. The UK drum 'n' bass pioneer has embarked on the Unlucky For Some World Tour to celebrate 13 years since establishing his label Good Looking Records. ``I think we forgot to celebrate the 10th year and probably thought we'd forget the 15th so we decided we'd celebrate 13, unlucky for some,'' Bukem laughed.

He will play Nutshell Breaks at the Cambridge Hotel on March 15. Australia is one part of the world to which Bukem travels annually. Juggling tours while overseeing the record label is an art he has mastered.

Bukem remembers he was fascinated by the process of making a record when he set up the label in the early '90s.

``I put out a track on another label and thought, `Next time I put a track out, why don't I put it out on my own label?' ``I had people around me telling me it wasn't going to work, so that made me 100 per cent determined. I wanted to make it work.'' One man who has supported him from the start is long-time collaborator MC Conrad who met Bukem in the early '90s.

Their union has remained solid ever since. `` I remember he jumped on the mike, I thought, `I really like that', and so I made him record it. I've worked with plenty of MCs over the years but I definitely think Conrad is one of the best.'' lw-7 Advance tickets cost $15 from PDMS, 360 Sounds, Abicus, Ramjet and the venue or $20 at the door.

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