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Nothing Can Replace 23 Years Of Passion

Nothing Can Replace 23 Years Of Passion

Who: Celibate Rifles
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday September 3, 2004

HOPEFULLY history won't repeat itself when the CELIBATE RIFLES start their tour at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Friday night.

The Sydney rock band has played the venue many times over the years and frontman DAMIEN LOVELOCK can recall an incident where the band was faced with a bomb threat.

``We did some famous gigs at the Cambridge in the early '90s and I remember someone made a bomb threat,'' Lovelock recalled.

``I always suspected it was something to do with rival business because we used to get such good crowds there and it seemed to happen just as we went on stage.'' The story is just one of the many classic tales the band has lived to tell from its 23-year career.

Formed in the late 1970s ``because we liked playing together,'' Lovelock and his band mates have since become an iconic part of Australian rock history.

The band has managed to outlive NIRVANA, who played alongside the Celibate Rifles at the first BIG DAY OUT in 1992, and has continued to release new material.

Beyond Respect is the latest album from the band and arrives after a four- year gap since the release of its last album, A Mid-Stream Of Consciousness. ``There are a lot of other things going on around us in our lives so that's why we take a while with releases nowadays,'' Lovelock said.

``The fact we're still going at all and make records as good as we make, I think, is a testament to the fact that we can keep focus over long periods of time.'' He believed the reason the band had survived so long was because he still held the passion for music he had had the first day the band started.

``I love playing music, I love the self- expression element,'' Lovelock said.

``I've been working with this group of people more or less for more than half of my life.

``I haven't done anything else except live for that long.

``I haven't even been a parent for that long.

``We got into it because we liked playing together, so all these years later we play for that reason.

``It's still special and rewarding and there's nothing else in my life that replaces that.'' Celibate Rifles will play the Cambridge Hotel on Friday night.

Tickets are available from the venue.

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