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New Album Matters Most

New Album Matters Most

Who: Pulley, Wiseheimer, Angela's Dish
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Sunday November 7, 2004

LOS Angeles punk quintet PULLEY has released a string of classic punk records since forming in the mid- 1990s.

But it is the band's latest effort, Matters , that frontman SCOTT RADINSKY believes is its the band's finest work to date.

``It's our fifth album and I'd have to say it's my favourite,'' Radinsky said.

Matters marks Pulley's departure from producer RYAN GREENE who recorded the band's last two albums.

Although the band had originally planned to work with Greene, conflicting schedules forced it to enlist the help of producer MATT HYDE whose past credits include work with SLAYER and SUM 41. Radinsky said that at first, they didn't realise they were in the presence of one of their favourite producers.

``We were talking to some people at our record label and they suggested this guy Matt and, because he was from LA as well, it seemed like a good idea,'' Radinsky said.

``We just got together and kind of hit it off so we started recording but it was just funny in the beginning though because none of us really knew anything about him.

``The record label never told us his full name, but as soon as he told us we were like, `Woah! You're the guy that did the new Slayer record!' ``So from then we knew it was going to be good.'' Pulley has been touring with the album since April, covering areas throughout Europe, Canada and the States, including a stint on the WARPED TOUR. For the first time in its career Pulley is touring Australia has embarked on an Australian tour and will play at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Sunday evening.

Pulley was formed in the mid-90s when Radinsky, who was balancing punk rock with a career as a major league relief pitcher, left his band TEN FOOT POLE. From there, the prolific Pulley was born, carved out three well-received albums in the band's first three years.

``We started out really just by opening for friends of ours who were in bands like Lagwagon and NOFX,'' Radinsky said.

``We were able to pick out some really great shows in the beginning which was kind of able to get us a little buzz where we were able to start doing our own shows.'' Pulley will be supported by WISEHEIMER and ANGELA'S DISH.

Advance tickets will cost $27.50 or $30 at the door.

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