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New Name in the Game

New Name in the Game

Who: Audiophile, Purplene, Death in Monaro Country
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Saturday December 19, 1998

XPOZAY band comp winners COZMIK have changed their name to AUDIOPHILE in a move intended to reflect the group's evolution in musical styles.

Playing this Saturday night at The Cambridge with PURPLENE and DEATH IN MONARO COUNTRY, Audiophile has begun tinkering with a Roland SH101, adding some heavy-duty atmospherics to the band's unique wall of sound.

MAT MCPHEE, on bass guitar and effect, said the two-octave keyboard was used to adjust the modulation and pitch of sounds that were fed through it from guitars and sampled sounds.

'The new name reflects the sound we are heading towards,' McPhee said.

McPhee (left) joins the band with his brother, guitarist and vocalist TIM MCPHEE, and drummer MATTHEW ROSSETTI and guitarist ALEX NEVIN. Audiophile will use its Xpozay prize, a recording package at IGLOO STUDIOS, in January.

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