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The Karnivool To Continue

The Karnivool To Continue

Who: Karnivool
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Thursday February 23, 2006

PERTH heavy rock band Karnivool has embarked on its fourth national tour in less than a year.

So far the group has played shows in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, discovering that its fanbase has increased dramatically.

``The first two tours we did last year were with Cog and we played at the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne. We were on first and no one knew of us,'' guitarist Drew Goddard said.

``But we had our own show at the Hi-Fi on this tour and it sold out in advance, so it's pretty amazing.

It really has built up for us.'' But success has not come suddenly.

Karnivool's roots date back to 1995 when frontman Ian Kenny founded the basis of the group in high school.

There have been numerous line- up changes over the years but the band has found its feet and is gaining a lot of attention with its debut album Themata. It was released four years after the last EP, Persona, but the band won't be taking quite as much time with its next record.

``It was pretty much four years between the EP and the album so we're consciously trying to change that for the next release.

``We want to get a bit more spontaneity happening. We found that the songs we wrote really quickly for the album tended to be the better songs anyway.'' ``It wasn't every night we were shacked up writing music, but we're kind of perfectionists and we just wanted to keep going and going.``But I think it did pay off. I don't regret taking that amount of time. We took about nine months to record the album as well, it was big DIY process.``We just hired gear and we went to random little houses in the south-west and recorded. It was a nice, leisurely experience but still pretty intense.'' Karnivool will play tracks from the album at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night.

After wrapping up in Queensland next month it will begin looking releasing the album overseas.While negotiations are still up in the air, Themata could be set for release in the US, Japan and the UK.``We're pretty excited about releasing the album overseas but we're not going to hold our breath just yet.``But as long as we can get over there and do a couple of shows, we'd be stoked.'' Tickets to Karnivool are on sale at the venue or online at moshtix.com.au

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