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Natural-Born Storytellers

Natural-Born Storytellers

Who: Jonah's Pride
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday January 26, 2001

BLUE Mountains musical partners HEATHER CHAFFEY and DE GREER have escaped a strict religious upbringing with their pride intact.

The band they formed, JONAH'S PRIDE, draws parallels between the biblical story of Jonah and the whale, where Jonah defies God because of his pride.

'We both walked away from our strict religious upbringings because we are proud of who we are,' Greer said.

The duo, playing this Friday night at the Cambridge Hotel, formed in June 1999 after discovering a talent for songwriting and beautiful natural vocal harmonies.

'We write about a lot of things people don't hear about in this medium, such as child sexual abuse, break-ups in lesbian relationships and social well being,' Greer said.

'We also write about good things, and even the darker songs can be funked up.'

Their debut full length CD INFIDEL sold out, and in April last year the duo enlisted drummer JOHN KELLY and keyboard player MONICA BROOKS to fill out their funky folk rock sound.

The four-piece recently released a second CD ROGUE and has performed at reconciliation events. around the country. TE

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