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Grapes'll Get a Serious Grip on You

Grapes'll Get a Serious Grip on You

Who: The Grapes
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
When: Friday January 28, 2000

Dynamic redhead duo all set for a 70s musical teen throb

WHAT do you get when you throw together two voraciously talented redheads? The answer, in the case of Melbourne's THE GRAPES, is melodies, harmonies and great tunes.

ASHLEY NAYLOR (EVEN and RAIL) and SHERRY RICH (part of the US alternative country band WILCO) were born from a brief encounter which appeared on a 1997 RUBBER RECORDS sampler CD.

Playing this Friday night at The Cambridge Hotel with THE BLUEHOUSE, the thrown-together outfit became an independent project for the pair, who used 'mutual idols as a jump-off point' for somewhere that their usual bands wouldn't take them.

Their short list of idols included NANCY SINATRA, LEE HAZELWOOD, MAZZY STAR, GENE CLARKE and THE BYRDS. Highlights include I WON'T CRY which Rich describes as 'about living in the moment and unconditional love set to a 1960s girl group beat'.

Another highlight is OCEAN MEETS THE SUN 'written between Nashville and St Kilda which opines the joy of loneliness and teenage freedom set to a 1970s sunset'.

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